1x CURVE Air purifier Metal Black – DK Medical


CURVE Air Purifier Metal Black – DK Medical

The CURVE air purifier from DK medical is the world’s first car air purifier that works without electricity or cables.

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Perfect cleanliness in the car

CURVE Air purifier Metal Black – DK Medical

The CURVE air purifier from DK medical is the world’s first car air purifier that works without electricity or cables. The CURVE not only cleans the air, but also frees surfaces and objects from pathogens. It also neutralises annoying odours. It is suitable for any type of car – such as new cars, classic cars but also taxis and rental cars. It fits perfectly in the cup holder, but can also be positioned elsewhere.

The patented oxygen-active granules inside the CURVE react with the air in the car and the oxygen it contains. This reaction eliminates biological pollutants such as viruses, bacteria and moulds by up to 99.99 %, but air pollutants, allergens and annoying odours also stand no chance. So you and all passengers breathe only clean and odourless air on every journey. All surfaces and objects we touch in the car are also hygienically clean.

Air pollutants that enter the interior from the outside through the ventilation, as well as chemical vapours from the materials, such as adhesives and dyes, that are produced even in the vehicle, but also viruses, bacteria and odours that are transmitted by the passengers through humans and animals – all this settles in the car or even nests in the ventilation system. The CURVE effectively combats all this and ensures hygienic cleanliness throughout the vehicle.

The CURVE air purifier ensures clean, pleasant and odourless air in the car. Cleans surfaces and objects from pathogens. Removes viruses, bacteria and moulds up to 99.99 % and is effective against air pollutants, allergens and odours.


✓ Works without electricity and cable

✓ Fits the cup holder

✓ 8 cubic metres effective radius

✓ 3 months duration of effect

The mode of action

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Compared to other conventional car air purifiers, the CURVE works entirely without filters, electricity, batteries and annoying cables. Filter-based air purifiers always require electricity for the air supply. In addition, the CURVE not only provides clean and odourless air, but also ensures hygienically clean surfaces. This is thanks to the patented oxygen-active granulate inside the CURVE – which makes the CURVE unique.

Effect against:

✓ Air pollutants

✓ Biological pollutants

✓ Allergens

✓ Odours

Clean surfaces & objects

Researchers found that there are more pathogens in cars than in toilets. Sneezing, coughing, eating, drinking, smoking and transporting shopping or animals (e.g. dogs) influences this effect. Seats, steering wheel, gear knob and displays, which we touch continuously, are germ slingers – the older the car or the more often it is used, the higher the exposure to pathogens.

The CURVE air purifier hygienically cleans surfaces and objects of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and moulds and other pollutants that we cannot see with the naked eye.

Neutral odour without fragrance

The more often a car is used or the older it is, the higher the odour load. No matter what unpleasant odours are spreading indoors – the CURVE air purifier removes them all. It ensures clean air in vehicles by neutralising odours rather than masking them, like a miracle tree, for example. Among others, the following odours are removed:

– Nicotine & Cigarette Odour

– Animal odours as from dog, cat & horse

– Oil & petrol odour

– Mould

Without power & without cables, completely noiseless

The conventional air purifiers need electricity, have an annoying cable and an internal fan that is usually clearly audible. The CURVE, on the other hand, is absolutely silent and does not need to be connected to a power cable or USP port.

The CURVE air purifier works without electricity and without cables. So it works even when the car and the engine are not running. You get in and immediately enjoy the hygienic cleanliness in your vehicle.

Free from evaporation & outgassing

The components, paints, adhesives, plastics and textile dyes used in cars emit fumes and pollute the air with harmful and carcinogenic chemicals. They not only pollute the air, but are also deposited as a wafer-thin film on surfaces. New cars or vehicles that are parked in the sun a lot are particularly affected by this.

The CURVE air purifier works effectively against these vapours and outgassing in the car, which are caused by the materials used, be it the pollutants in the air or the deposits on surfaces and objects – the CURVE works against both.

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