Cameroon passport in Germany

Afrikapass processes the pre-registration for Cameroon passport application in Germany in three steps: 1)

Pre-registration of Cameroon biometric passport in Germany at Afrikapass or online.


Physical enrollment through biometric face capture and fingerprints at the Embassy of Cameroon in Berlin, Germany.


Passport withdrawal according to the conditions of the consular authorities of the Embassy of Cameroon in Berlin.

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frikapass, through its parent company Bantmann Trade & Consulting UG, is a partner of PASSCAM Cameroun, which makes it possible to carry out all transactions and prepare all necessary documents in time. Then make an appointment at very short deadlines.
Afrikapass processes all applications for passports and visas from Cameroon regardless of your place of residence in Germany. You can easily send us your documents by mail, email or WhatsApp.

Afrikapass treats your request with respect

You do not need to have a credit card, Afrikapass will make the payment for you.

  • Filling out the application form.
  • Payment of fees for the passport.
  • Printing of the payment slip for the passport.
  • Booking and printing of the appointment slip.
  • Printing of the application confirmation.

Passport Services General Information:

Applicants who wish to apply for a Cameroonian passport at a consulate or other diplomatic or consular post must have Cameroonian citizenship.

The passports are printed in Cameroon. For this reason, they are issued within four to eight weeks.

The passport can be renewed six (06) months before the expiration date.

When collecting the passport, users are asked to verify all the information (surname(s), first name(s), date of birth, etc.) indicated on the document.

Order passport Cameroon

There are different types of applications for a passport from Cameroon: initial application, renewal, name change, loss or theft of passport, damaged passport. There are also passport applications for children (0-15 years), minors (16-21 years), adults (21+ years). CLICK HERE TO SELECT YOUR PASSPORT.

Author: afrikapass ist eine Website, die konsularische Dienstleistungen und Reisedienstleistungen anbietet. Zu den konsularischen Dienstleistungen gehört das Pre-Registrieren von Anträgen auf biometrische Reisepässe für Gabun, Kamerun, Nigeria, Guinea Conakry und andere Länder in Zentral- und Westafrika. Außerdem werden Visa für afrikanische Länder, die Türkei, die USA, Kanada, Indien und Australien beantragt. Auch die Beglaubigung von Dokumenten in Botschaften und Konsulaten gehört zu unseren konsularischen Tätigkeiten. Zu den Reisedienstleistungen gehören Flugbuchungen, Flugticketkauf, Reiseversicherungen, Unterkunftsbescheinigungen, Vermietung von Hotelzimmern, möblierten Studios, möblierten Wohnungen und Fahrzeugen je nach Zielland. ist eine Website des Unternehmens Bantmann Trade & Consulting UG mit Sitz in Essen, Deutschland.

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