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A passport serves as proof of identity and for crossing borders when travelling abroad if an identity card is not sufficient according to the regulations of the country of destination.

Afrikapass offers consular services to apply for a biometric passport for all African nationals abroad.
Afrikapass carries out the pre-enrolment of passport applications either on the dedicated websites of the competent authorities or at the embassies and consulates of African countries all over the world.

Biometric passport, application in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

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West Africa | Passport application, where and how?
Passport Benin, Passport Burkina Faso, Passport Ivory Coast, Passport Gambia, Passport Ghana, Passport Guinea, Passport Guinea-Bissau, Passport Cape Verde, Passport Liberia, Passport Mauritania, Passport Nigeria, Passport Niger, Passport Senegal, Passport Sierra Leone, Passport Togo

East Africa | Passport application, where and how?
Passport Ethiopia Passport Burundi, Passport Djibouti, Passport Eritrea, Passport Kenya, Passport Comoros, Passport Madagascar, Passport Malawi, Passport Mauritius, Passport Mozambique, Passport Rwanda, Passport Zambia, Passport Seychelles, Passport Zimbabwe, Passport Somalia, Passport Tanzania, Passport Uganda

Central Africa | Passport application, where and how?
Passport Angola, Passport Equatorial Guinea, Passport Democratic Republic of Congo, Passport Gabon, Passport Cameroon, Passport Republic of Congo, Passport São Tomé and Príncipe, Passport Chad, Passport Central African Republic

South Africa | Passport application, where and how?
Passport Botswana, Passport Swaziland, Passport Lesotho, Passport Namibia, Passport South Africa

North Africa | Passport application, where and how?
Passport Egypt, Passport Algeria, Passport Libya, Passport Morocco, Passport Sudan, Passport South Sudan, Passport Tunisia

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